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The Rifton Pacer Makes Mobility and Walking Again a Possibility in Baltimore MD

Sean suffered a traumatic brain injury and since his injury he has not be able to get up and walk. In this video you will see him in the Rifton Pacer gait trainer that provides the right amount of support, comfort, and mobility for him to be standing and walking. With the significant benefits that gait training provides Sean can improve his quality of life just by getting up and walking. This video also highlights how the Rifton Pacer works and how you can help assist your clients into it and get them moving. If you are a PT,OT, parent, family member, caregiver, or special education teacher this video will provide a good look at how the Pacer works and how you can use it with your clients or family members. Check out the Rifton Pacer as it makes mobility and walking again a possibility in the Baltimore MD area.