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The Ease of Accessible Toileting With the Rifton HTS Hygiene Toileting System in Tempe AZ

Proper hygiene and toileting are very important, especially when it comes to caring for a child with a disability. If a child cannot bath or toilet by themselves they rely on a parent, or caregiver to assist with their activities of daily living. To help make toileting simple, easy, and safe for the child and caregiver Rifton designed the HTS (Hygiene Toileting System). Hygienic, simple, affordable, the HTS promotes ease and accessibility when it comes to toileting and bathing.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of the Rifton HTS in Tempe AZ.

  • The unique design of the optional seat pad opening – open to the rear for larger clients – facilitates clear access for cleaning and hygiene.
  • The portability kit provides clients greater independence – and their families greater freedom to travel.
  • Optional integral skin foam pads for the back and seat provide comfort for clients and easy disinfecting for caregivers.
  • It can be used on the toilet attached with mounting bars.
  • It can be used over the toilet, attached to a mobile or stationary economy base.
  • And it can be used off the toilet with a mobile or stationary base and commode pan. So no matter the situation the versatility of the HTS will help make toileting easier.

There are many benefits to the Rifton HTS, like mentioned above, additional to those are: it is supportive and comfortable, grows with the child (or multiple children), makes lifts and transfers easier, and requires no tools to adjust the system.

So when you are looking for a safe, accessible, comfortable, and simple toileting system look no further than the Rifton HTS in Tempe AZ. This is perfect for any family or facility setting that cares for children with disabilities. This piece of adaptive equipment will help make toileting and bathing easier for any parent or caregiver.

If you are not sure that this is the right equipment for you and your family come down to ADL Solutions accessibility and interactive showroom in Tempe AZ. There are two different sizes of the Rifton HTS that you can try to see if it will meet your needs. So come check out the ease of accessible toileting with the Rifton HTS Hygiene Toileting System in Tempe AZ.

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