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Make Lifts and Transfers Easier With the Rifton Sololift Boston MA

If you work in the rehabilitation, hospital, acute, or skilled nursing setting you have an idea of what it takes to lift and transfer an individual. Sometimes it takes more than one person to do it, especially for adult patients. That is a lot of time and energy used just for trying to get a patient into a device, a piece of adaptive equipment, or even their wheelchair. There is also a higher risk of staff or the patient getting injured if some unforeseen accident happens. A way to help alleviate stress on the staff and patient utilizing a floor based lift would make all this work a lot easier. Rifton had this in mind when they designed the SoloLift to help aid in the transfer and lift process.

The Rifton SoloLift floor based lift is uniquely designed compared to other floor based lifts on the market. It also works in conjunction with their other products, example; it is perfect to use to help get a patient into the Pacer gait trainer.

Here are the benefits of the SoloLift.

  • Capable of seated and sit-to-stand transfers from the floor, wheelchair or bed.
  • Swivels the client for transfer into a forward-loading gait trainer.
  • Transfers in a natural sit-to-stand arc, providing unprecedented comfort, stability and dignity.
  • Simplifies toileting through the unique Rifton SoloVest, which lifts entirely from above the waist.
  • Accommodates all clients, up to 350 lbs., even those with no weight-bearing ability.
  • Reduces the risk of staff injuries—and thus lowers insurance and turnover costs.
  • Together with the adapter strap accessory, the SoloVest can now be used with overhead tracking.

With all these added benefits and features the Rifton SoloLift floor based lift is the perfect option to aid in transfer and lifts in any setting; whether at home, hospital, rehab, or skilled nursing. It’s unique features allows one staff member to easily move a patient from the bed, floor, or wheelchair. If this is the type of device you have been looking for to help with patient care contact ADL Solutions at 480-636-1816 for more information. We are a preferred provider of Rifton products and can ship anything to anyone anywhere. Make lifts and transfers easier with the Rifton SoloLift Boston MA.