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Looking for a Handy Sit-to-Stand lift? Check out the Prism Medical S-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift Equipment Available in Tempe AZ

When you have an individual who has some mobility, trunk (core) control, can use their legs somewhat, but just needs a little assistance getting up, the S-440 sit-to-stand is the perfect lift equipment to assist with that. You can use this lift equipment to help people get up from a seated position and transfer them to a toilet, wheelchair, couch, etc… This video covers all the benefits, features, functions, and how to use the S-440 sit-to-stand lift equipment.  So check it out and if you want more information you can call our Tempe AZ office with any questions and to schedule a time to come down and check out any of our equipment on the showroom floor. So looking for a handy sit-to-stand lift you need to check out the Prism Medical S-440 Lift Equipment in Tempe AZ.

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