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Easy and Efficient Lifts Using the Rifton SoloLift Boston MA

In this video you will see a demonstration on how the Rifton SoloLift can be used to help get a patient or client up from the seated position and ready to be transferred into another piece of adaptive equipment. The added benefit to look at in this video is that one person can do this by themselves. It is safe, easy, and simple to use to help transfer or lift a patient or client up without the extra help of multiple of people. If the Rifton SoloLift is something you are interested in purchasing contact ADL Solutions at 580-636-1816. We are a preferred provider for Rifton products and are able to ship any product to anywhere. We will help you find the right piece of equipment to help meet your needs. If you want an easy and efficient way to transfer and lift patients check out the Rifton SoloLift Boston MA.