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Check Out the Harmar Pinnacle Stair Lift System Tempe AZ

You love your home and want to stay in it for as long as possible. But now you are unable to get up and down the stairs safely. Don’t want to move from your home yet, so check out the Harmar Pinnacle Stair Lift as an option to help you stay safe and accessible in your home. This video covers the features and benefits of the Harmar Pinnacle stair lift. It is a great option for any home that has stairs to get from one floor to another. Here at ADL Solutions we are a preferred provider of Harmar products and are able to help you see if this stair lift is an option for you in your home. Contact us at 480-636-1816 for more information. Our office and showroom is located in Tempe AZ and we cover the entire state of Arizona to meet everyone’s needs. So check out the Harmar Pinnacle Stair Lift system in Tempe AZ.

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