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Elcoma Lifeline Collection Shower Seats Atlanta GA

Design and comfort combine to create the elegant Elcoma Lifeline Collection of teakwood and walnut shower seats. Safety is key, but the added touch of sophistication with these shower seats is... Read More »

Elcoma Lifeline Collection Grab Bars Atlanta GA

Elcoma has come out with the Lifeline Collection to bring a little more elegance and style to bathroom safety equipment. People want an elevated touch to accessibility. They want style,... Read More »

Oasis Seated Shower System for Optimal Accessible Bathing Tempe AZ

Patients/residents want to feel safe and secure while bathing, but sometimes more importantly they want to maintain as much independence and dignity as possible. No one wants to be bathed or taken... Read More »

A Tub Like no Other. Prism Medical Avero Phoenix Tub Atlanta GA

When working in a facility setting you want the best for your residents and staff. Equipment that will make activities of daily living easy, convenient, and accessible, especially if you are working... Read More »

Safe Patient Care with the Carendo Shower Chair from Arjohuntleigh Boston MA

The Carendo shower chair from Arjohuntleigh is truly an ergonomic, multipurpose hygiene chair that provides safe, comfortable, and dignified bathing for dependent patients and residents. This is the... Read More »

Improving Care and Efficiency with the Concerto Shower Trolley from Arjohuntleigh Atlanta GA

Patient/resident care is a top priority at any facility, hospital, or community setting. To be able to provide ideal patient/resident care you need to have safe and accessible bathing for all... Read More »

Check Out the BioBidet BB-1700 for Greater Independence While Toileting Boston MA

Being able to perform activities of daily living independently, every day is very important to all individuals. No one wants to admit that they might not be able to do everything on their own... Read More »

Need Assistance Getting Up and Down the Stairs? Check Out Harmar’s Pinnacle Stair Lift in Tempe AZ

As we age it can get a little harder to do things and get around, especially if you have an illness or disease process, or suffered an unforeseen injury. When you aren’t able to get around... Read More »

Prism Medical’s Sequoia Patient Lift System Makes Caregiving Easier Atlanta GA

Patient care is a big priority, if not the number one priority, for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, skilled nursing, and acute rehab. The patient, and their care, is at the heart... Read More »

Make Lifts and Transfers Easier With the Rifton Sololift Boston MA

If you work in the rehabilitation, hospital, acute, or skilled nursing setting you have an idea of what it takes to lift and transfer an individual. Sometimes it takes more than one person to do it,... Read More »

Accessibility Made Easier With the EZ-Access Trifold Portable Ramp in Boston MA

Access in and out of the home is a big concern for individuals with physical disabilities, especially if it is a newly acquired injury. A lot of homes have steps to get in at the front door and/or... Read More »

Get Up and Move With the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer in Baltimore MA

No matter your age or disability everyone should have the opportunity and capability to get up into a vertical position and move around. Adaptive equipment has come a long way and Rifton took a... Read More »

Seachrome Luxury Bathroom Safety Accessories in Atlanta GA

Luxury. Style. Comfort. Strength. When it comes to luxury bathroom safety accessories Seachrome is leading the way with their stylish, yet durable designs with their products. Everyone wants to feel... Read More »

ADL Solutions Supports Fall Prevention Awareness Day in Phoenix AZ

Wednesday September 23rd, 2015 is Fall Prevention Awareness Day. ADL Solutions has partnered up with local organizations and businesses to bring awareness on fall prevention safety. There are some... Read More »

The New Designer Series from Best Bath Accessible Bathing in Tempe AZ

Take accessible bathing to a whole new level of design with the new Designer Series from Best Bath, available through ADL Solutions in Tempe AZ. Accessibility does not have to look... Read More »

The Ease of Accessible Toileting With the Rifton HTS Hygiene Toileting System in Tempe AZ

Proper hygiene and toileting are very important, especially when it comes to caring for a child with a disability. If a child cannot bath or toilet by themselves they rely on a parent, or caregiver... Read More »

Install Grab Bars Properly In Tempe Arizona

Before beginning the installation process of your bathroom grab bars, it is important to know what type of tub or shower you have. In most cases, additional wood or structural material must be... Read More »

Comfortable, Relaxing, Accessible Bathing is now Possible With the Best Bath ADL Spa in Scottsdale AZ

Who doesn’t love the luxury of siting in a nice, big, comfortable bath tub where you can sit back, relax, have some bubbles, and enjoy some peaceful time to yourself? It is a wonderful feeling... Read More »

Best Bath Accessible Showers In Phoenix Arizona

The most substantial risk and threat to living independently at home are falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to the emergency room in the U.S. and represent the cause of 75%... Read More »

Accessible Bathing Tips in Tempe Arizona

Most individuals take it for granted for getting in and out of the shower easily. There are many people who for one reason or another cannot get in easily to s step-in shower or tub/ shower unit.... Read More »

Need Some New Ideas to Help Create Accessible Entry Ways? Check Out These Home Remodel Ideas Using Stanley...

Accessible entry ways in and out of the home are a concern for individuals with limited mobility and function.  Not having access to your home, the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, really... Read More »

Home Remodel for the Outside with Accessible Landscape Ideas in Tempe AZ

Home remodel and modifications are not just limited to the interior of a home. People want to be able to access their front and back yards, side yards, driveways, porches, etc… People should... Read More »

Bariatric Lifts in Phoenix Arizona

Over the past few years obesity has become a major issue for many Americans. Today more and more individuals are aware of the health issues and our trying to find healthier lifestyles. But for those... Read More »

Bedroom Design for Children with Special Needs in Scottsdale Arizona

                  In today’s world individuals are more aware of the issues that those with physical and mental disabilities face. From... Read More »

Ceiling Lift Equipment in Scottsdale AZ

Safe patient handling is a concern within any facility setting, whether the hospital, rehab center, or skilled nursing. There is a safety and liability risk to the staff and patient when it comes to... Read More »

Outdoor Universal Design in Phoenix Arizona

In areas such as Phoenix Arizona residents and visitor enjoy taking advantage of the great weather and outdoor activities. But not all individuals find it easy to get from one place to the next.... Read More »

Stair Lifts in Scottsdale Arizona

ADL Solutions, Inc. is known in Scottsdale Arizona and other surrounding areas for specializing in home modifications that revolve around accessibility. They have been certified in recommending and... Read More »

Proper Grab Bar Placement in Phoenix Arizona

Grab bars are easy solutions to making areas such as a bathroom safer for individuals to use. But keep in mind if installed improperly they could be useless or even dangerous.  ADL Solutions in... Read More »

Safe Patient Handling with the Invacare I-Lift Floor Based Lift Equipment in Tempe AZ

When working in a hospital, rehabilitation center, skilled nursing, assisted living, or any other facility setting with patients who have significant deficits, low tone, limited function and... Read More »

Have challenges with lifts and transfers? Check out the Prism Medical SGA-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift Equipment in...

Caregiving, whether in the home or facility setting, can be a challenge sometimes for the caregiver and the individual who needs assistance. Depending on the severity and degree of loss of function,... Read More »

Looking for the Right Piece of Lift Equipment? Check Out the Rifton Tram in Phoenix AZ

Out on the market today are a variety of floor based lift equipment, transfer devices, gait trainers, and hoyer lifts. How do you know what is the right one for you? How do you choose between all... Read More »

Healthcraft Products in Phoenix Arizona

Healthcraft is one of the leading manufactures in the nation for safety equipment. They don’t develop what you can consider an average grab bar. They specialize in safety poles and bars... Read More »

Ramps in Phoenix Arizona

                                                       ... Read More »

Powered Toilet Lifts in Tempe Arizona

ADL Solutions, Inc. is one of the top home modification companies in Arizona located in Tempe. They specialize in adaptive equipment and home mods for those with disabilities. Every day they conduct... Read More »

Pool Lift a Must Have in Phoenix Arizona’s Hot Summers

Everyone who lives or has visited Phoenix Arizona in its hot summers knows that pools can be your best friend. Enjoying the cool waters on a hot day is a real treat for Arizonians. But for those who... Read More »

EZ Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift Equipment Available in Tempe AZ

When it comes to home modifications there are so many options out there on what you can do, solutions, ideas, equipment, etc… It can be overwhelming at times. Well to help out with this we... Read More »

Arizona Ranked Best State for Disability Services- Phoenix

Arizona was ranked number one again for the third year in a row for offering the best services for those with disabilities. With cities such as Phoenix leading the way for new innovations in the... Read More »

Home Remodeling Ideas in the Kitchen Using Universal Design in Tempe AZ

Imagine your kitchen in your home having a little more maneuverability. Imagine having a little more ease on accessing what you need. Imagine being able to use all your surfaces, cabinets,... Read More »

Home Remodeling Ideas for the Bathroom Using Universal Design in Tempe AZ

Let’s take a moment and imagine a spacious wet room bathroom. Accessible vanity, elevated toilet, levers for all handles and faucets, open zero transition shower, and all the space to move... Read More »

Home remodeling services for accessibility in Tempe, AZ

Maybe you are newly injured or recently diagnosed with a progressive disease or you want to be able to age in place in your home for as long as possible. It is a lot to think about and take in. But... Read More »

Grab Bars Always Evolving in Scottsdale, AZ

With the growth of senior facilities in Scottsdale Arizona. The need for supplying everyday safety equipment is a must. One of the major obstacles with this is no individual wants to feel like they... Read More »

Home Remodeling for Multigenerational Living in Tempe, AZ

Living for seniors today can be a struggle not only on the senior but on their family. With the cost of healthcare constantly rising individuals can’t find the funding to support the care for... Read More »