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An Easier Way to Assist Patients into the Pacer with the Rifton SoloLift Lift Equipment in Tempe AZ

The Rifton SoloLift lift equipment is a floor based lift that makes transfers easier for the individual and the caregiver, especially if trying to get the individual into the Rifton Pacer. When you have adults with very limited mobility and who cannot weight bear on their own it takes typically several staff or caregivers to get that individual up into a gait trainer, like the Pacer. But with the SoloLift you can easily do it with one staff member or caregiver. In this video it shows you how easy it is to use the SoloLift to transfer an individual into the Pacer gait trainer. For additional information on Rifton products contact ADL Solutions Tempe AZ office at 480-636-1816. There is an easier way to assist patients into the Pacer with the Rifton SoloLift lift equipment in Tempe AZ.