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Accessible bathing made easy with the Best Bath ADL Spa in Tempe AZ

There are different types of accessible bathing systems out there but how do you know what is right for you? Some people don’t want to have an accessible shower because they love being able to take a bath. But conventional bath tubs can be a safety risk, and if you sustained an injury you might not have the function to get in and out of one. If you still want the benefits of a tub but need something more accessible here is the ADL Spa from Best Bath. This accessible bathing system has made it easy for individuals to transfer in and out of. It sits up on an elevated cabinet, has a sliding door, grab bars, and can even come with jets. Contact ADL Solutions in Tempe AZ for additional information and to check out the ADL Spa in their accessible showroom. Accessible bathing has been made easier with the Best Bath ADL Spa in Tempe AZ.